Saint-Saëns, Loevendie, Ravel

Piano Trios

‘We are always somewhat cerebral, but within that framework we are frequently able to reach perfection’, Maurice Ravel stated about French artists in an interview with a Madrid newspaper in 1924.

Such a characterisation was true not only for Ravel but also for his colleague Camille Saint-Saëns, who had continued to stress the importance of musical form throughout his long career and as a result had fallen from critical favour. Ravel, however, admired Saint-Saëns; they were artistically related in that Ravel’s own composition teacher was Gabriel Fauré, who had himself been a pupil and protégé of Saint-Saëns.

This first CD from the Van Baerle Trio enables the listener to make a comparison between these two great French composers, with an important supporting role being allotted to the Dutch composer Theo Loevendie, whose open-mindedness and ability to absorb multiple musical influences is always a guarantee of a stimulating musical experience for the listener. – From the booklet notes

Edison Award 2013

Chamber Music

‘Extremely talented and mutually responsive.’


‘A very mature, very homogenous and balanced ensemble, technically perfect of course, whose asserted personality is immediately understood.’


‘True masters of their craft. The Van Baerle Trio plays in the very first chamber music league.’

Ensemble - Magazin für Kammermusik *****

‘Freshness and affection makes for heart-warming listening.’

BBC Music Magazine

‘What is striking about Minnaar's brilliant playing is the clarity even in the most elaborate textures. The players of the Van Baerle Trio play the piece with a rare intensity.’


‘The players have harnessed their diverse talents into a highly expressive unit, assisted by some tutoring from Menachem Pressler, pianist of the fabled Beaux Arts Trio. This vital information helps explain the quality and insight of their playing in two hefty French works.’

The Observer