Grote Archipel

Daan Manneke’s intention and motivation to write a substantial piano work were partly inspired by six eminent musicians, to each of whom he dedicated a part: Ralph van Raat, Geoffrey Madge, Kelvin Grout, Hannes Minnaar (IV), Jelena Bazova and Daniël Kramer.

Over time, Daan Manneke has designed a composition concept that has fascinated and inspired him for many years. The Archipel concept: ‘islands’ located close to each other, each with their individual manner of existence. Through exchanges and connections, they sometimes more or less lose their individuality and acquire a hybrid character. This osmosis can generate new properties and dynamics. Conversely, islands can become isolated, decay or disappear entirely.

Rather than a decorative-illustrative atmospheric drawing, it is an abstract work based on universal situations. Meaningful metaphors include approaching-disappearing, disintegrating-connecting, status quo, variety and, always, the iso-rhythmic clock loops. Manneke’s key motto is  s p a c e. – From the booklet notes

’A conjuring and capricious piece you can keep listening to.’


‘The six performers “sing” on their instruments, which is almost self-evident with Manneke’s music. Fantastic and intriguing music that you immediately want to listen to again.’

Trouw *****