Complete Sonatas for Piano and Violin

‘Sonata per il Pianoforte ed un Violino obligato, scritta in uno stile molto concertante, quasi come d’un concerto. Composta e dedicata al suo amico R. Kreutzer, per L. van Beethoven.’

This was the title given to the first edition of Sonata No. 9, known as the Kreutzer Sonata. It shows Beethoven’s thinking on the piano-violin combination: the piano came first, which obviously had something to do with the virtuoso skills of the master himself on the pianoforte.

The ten Sonatas for piano and violin are an impassioned exposition of Beethoven’s great inventiveness, and all aspects of his composing genius are present in them: the exuberance, the humour, the love for variations, the tenderness and the mystery, in short: an inexhaustible source of inspiration! – From the booklet notes

Isabelle van Keulen (violin) and Hannes Minnaar (piano)

‘The two perform at the highest level, technically standing far above the pieces and confidently shaping the dialogue between two equal partners which Beethoven consistently demands.’

FonoForum *****

‘So many ideas, impulses, strength of conviction! The violinist shows superb authority alongside Hannes Minnaar, who, with his naturalness and fantasy, reminds us of the young Friedrich Gulda.’

Diapason *****

‘An irresistible blend of classic purity, poetry and spontaneous vitality.’

Klara *****

‘Van Keulen/Minnaar take you on a voyage of discovery into ‘the tenderness and the mystery’ of these sonatas, thus allowing the listener to become a party to their mutual quest for honesty. Not the “stars” but the unescapable involvement reigns here.’

HR Audio *****